WordPress on Google App Engine

This writing is based on Google PHP Developer guide sample WordPress Project to install WordPress on Google App Engine. This Project is to install WordPress on /wordpress, but some one like me who love WordPress too much and want to install WordPress on Google App Engine root(parent) directory, need to change few things of this project…

Install WordPress On Google App Engine root(parent) directory

The Important part ( app.yaml ) First.

application: your-project-id version: A1-B2C-WHATEVER-test(NO dots) runtime: php api_version: 1 handlers: - url: /(.*\.(htm|html|css|js))$ static_files: \1 upload: .*\.(htm|html|css|js)$ application_readable: true - url: /wp-content/(.*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif))$ static_files: wp-content/\1 upload: wp-content/.*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif)$ application_readable: true - url: /(.*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif))$ static_files: \1 upload: .*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif)$ - url: /wp-admin/(.+) script: wp-admin/\1 secure: always - url: /wp-admin/ script: wp-admin/index.php secure: always - url: /wp-login.php Continue reading 	

SEO for Google, May Rest In Peace

SEO for Google May Rest in Peace. Google may no longer be the answer to your SEO traffic-related prayers, as it’s algorithms move away from rewarding SEO principles and toward featuring sites with the best content. Let’s find out more details.
What are you expect when you search for something on Google?
Are you looking for a site that deployed every SEO tip and trick to game Continue reading