How To Add Plugins To WordPress

Add plugins to WordPress is simple and easy. Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress. There are about 42,950 (dt 2016-02-13) plugin available on plugin directory alone. There are thousand more plugin available, that you will find on web. Based on your requirement you will find more than one, that will server your needs.

To me, it’s easier to add plugins to WordPress than finding the right plugin for your requirement. Finding the right plugin for WordPress is different issue, as I’m discussing, how to add plugins to WordPress here. So let’s just stick to it.

Steps to Add Plugins to WordPress:

Assume you have chosen your plugin, let’s begin add plugin to WordPress process or in other word install plugin to WordPress. Go to your WordPress admin area, form left hand menu, click Plugins->Add New
WordPress Plugin Menu
Assuming your selected plugin is copy the plugin name(red underline, below image) from plugin page,
Copy Plugin Name

and paste it on add new plugin page keyword search field on your WordPress admin area.
Search WordPress Plugin By keyword to Add Plugins

Now as you see, your desire plugin is listed below, you can click Install Now button. That’s it, WordPress will now add the plugin to your WordPress site and will show you a confirmation page. You can Activate Your WordPress Plugin form the confirmation page.
If your selected plugin is not on WordPress Plugin Directory, than get your plugin zip file. Go to WordPress admin add new plugin page and click the Upload Plugin button.

Add Plugins to WordPress by Upload

Select the plugin zip file, and you are done. WordPress will add the plugin to your WordPress site and will show you a confirmation page.

There is one more way you can add plugins to WordPress, that is by ftp. To add plugins by ftp, unzip the plugin folder and upload the folder to wp-content/plugins folder and activate the plugin from wp-admin installed plugins page.