How To Create A WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress Website is always been very easy and that is one of the big reason, it’s being most popular website creating tool. There are many ways you can create a WordPress website. I’m going to discuss the most easiest one first. The most easiest and fastest way to create a WordPress website is by, and above all you can have a WordPress website free too.

There are four simple steps to create a WordPress website at

Step 1:-  Choose a theme. In this step you will see about 10 theme screenshots, click any screenshot you like or you can click skip too. If u click skip a default theme will be used for your site. You can change the theme anytime later.

Step 2:- Choose a custom domain. In this step you have to choose what your website URL will be.  You have two option here you can choose a free sub-domain like or you can buy a new domain like If you already have a domain of your own and like to use it here, you can do that too. Transfer domain is bit technical and this article is for beginner, so I’m not going  in details on domain transfer.

Step 3:- Pick a plan that’s right for you. In this step you have to select a plan for your new WordPress website. As I’m writing this for someone new to WordPress, I recommend you pick the Free one. Although there are many added feature on paid plan. You can compare this plans, if you like.  Click Select a Plan button to respected plan you choose, to continue.

Step 4:- Create your account. This is the last step, you have to take to create a WordPress Website. There are 3 data field here email address, username and password. You will found username is already populated with yourwebsitename, you can leave the username as is or you can change it to something else. Add your email address and password. Click Create my account Button.

Done. You just have Create a WordPress Website.

There are many many more ways, you can create a WordPress website. What I described here, is very easy, fast and free way that anyone can do. If you like to know more about WordPress, I would say, create a WordPress website of you own. You will love it!