How To Add Plugins To WordPress

Add plugins to WordPress is simple and easy. Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress. There are about 42,950 (dt 2016-02-13) plugin available on plugin directory alone. There are thousand more plugin available, that you will find on web. Based on your requirement you will find more than one, that will server your needs.

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How To Create A WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress Website is always been very easy and that is one of the big reason, it’s being most popular website creating tool. There are many ways you can create a WordPress website. I’m going to discuss the most easiest one first. The most easiest and fastest way to create a WordPress website is by, and above all you can have a WordPress website free too.

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What is latest version of WordPress

Check the latest version of WordPress

As of Today 06/25/2018 the latest stable version number is 4.9.6

If you’d like to browse the WordPress source and inline documentation, we have a convenient developer reference and a code browser.

The built WordPress source, licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (or later), resides in a Subversion repository at

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WP Function wp_normalize_path()

This is the fist time by contributed a full function page on WordPress Codex and listed is on all function page  too. I’m very very happy I was able to did it. The WP function wp_normalize_path() was just introduced on WordPress 3.9

On windows systems, replaces backslashes with forward slashes and forces upper-case drive letters. Ensures that no duplicate slashes exist. Call the functions Continue reading

WordPress on Google App Engine

This writing is based on Google PHP Developer guide sample WordPress Project to install WordPress on Google App Engine. This Project is to install WordPress on /wordpress, but some one like me who love WordPress too much and want to install WordPress on Google App Engine root(parent) directory, need to change few things of this project…

Install WordPress On Google App Engine root(parent) directory

The Important part ( app.yaml ) First.

application: your-project-id version: A1-B2C-WHATEVER-test(NO dots) runtime: php api_version: 1 handlers: - url: /(.*\.(htm|html|css|js))$ static_files: \1 upload: .*\.(htm|html|css|js)$ application_readable: true - url: /wp-content/(.*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif))$ static_files: wp-content/\1 upload: wp-content/.*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif)$ application_readable: true - url: /(.*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif))$ static_files: \1 upload: .*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif)$ - url: /wp-admin/(.+) script: wp-admin/\1 secure: always - url: /wp-admin/ script: wp-admin/index.php secure: always - url: /wp-login.php Continue reading