Advanced WordPress Videos Review

Advanced WordPress Videos Review

Product Description

Advanced WordPress Videos is a package consisting of video tutorials about easy creation of WordPress Blogs. The topics covered include basic CSS styling tricks like changing headers or colors. There is no obvious way to find out the creator of this product. At the same time, there are no contact links for this product.

Detailed Overview

Advanced WordPress Videos is a package that claims to teach beginners the basics of setting up a WordPress blog for moneymaking purposes. According to the site, the content provided with include basics about WordPress style blogs as well as CSS and HTML specific lessons. This includes tips on changing somewhat complicated styling tricks (e.g. CSS stylesheet alterations) as well as minor marketing tactics (e.g. building a community via RSS feeds). All the content is in the form of 10 downloadable videos.

The target group appears to be new beginners on the internet. More specifically, it seems to cater to end-users who wish to pick CSS tips and tricks the easy way. It also seems to be targeted at web entrepreneurs who wish to cut costs on third-party web design options. The overall implication is the creation of a site that will reel in traffic due to its look and overall layout.

There aren’t any testimonials for this product on this site. This doesn’t help its credibility. However, the main site also has links to a WordPress video package aimed at beginners. This page has positive for that particular product. This reflects well on the product creator’s capabilities.

There are also a few positive reviews about the product on the internet. However, almost all of them appear to be affiliate marketers and thus, might gain indirectly from linkbacks to this product. Furthermore, note that most of them commend it as a good product as opposed to talking about actually using it.

The product is priced at . There is a 56-day refund offer, but it is unclear if this is a 100% money back offer. To this effect, there doesn’t appear to be any way to contact the creator. There are no support pages or contact links on this page. Thus, it is hard to see how a customer would be asking for a refund.


Advanced WordPress Videos is not very well-known on the internet. On the one hand, there are numerous sites with the same keywords and thus, it is hard to pinpoint reviews about this product. At the same time, the name of the creator is not given on the product sales page, and so, it is hard to gauge customer review about his skills.

Domain “Whois”

The Whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information. The Whois information for “Advanced WordPress Videos” is public which is generally a good thing. This indicates the owner of this site has nothing to hide.

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