Band Marketing On The Internet – 3 Music Marketing Tips

Band Marketing On The Internet – 3 Music Marketing Tips

    Band marketing (music marketing) is an essential way for a band to earn money online. A clear band marketing strategy should be a central element for the development of any band. In this article we will look at 3 poweful band marketing (music marketing) techniques.

Social networking is an important band marketing technique. Social networking is a great way to interact with your fans and to develop a relationship with them. The interaction you have with your fans on social networking sites should not just be constant promotion of your music. Also just have a bit of a chat and give them lots of cool free information and content. Then as you develop a relationship with your fans over a period of time, you can increase the promotion of your music.

A twitter account is a good new way of promoting your band, but many bands do not take advantage of Twitter. Twitter is a great band marketing technique as you can easily and quickly post simple news updates. For example, if you are on tour, you can post an update at each new location of your tour. You can combine making these updates both entertaining and promotional.


An email list is the most important band marketing strategy. You are much more likely to sell your products to subscribers of your email list than to members of one of your social networking profiles.

To build up your email list, offer the subscribers a freebie if they signup. Such as a free track to download or a free item from your online store.

If you have a website, put the email sign-up box in the sidebar and make it clearly visible and eye catching. Also, make sure there is a way to capture the email lists of your fans on each of your social networking profiles.

You don’t need a record deal to sell your music. So selling your music should be part of your band marketing strategy even if you don’t have a label.

The cheapest way to sell music is by providing MP3 downloads. This instantly bypasses the costs of manufacturing and postage. Also, if you sell your own music on your own website, you do not have to pay any comissions to any 3rd parties and thus keep 100% of the profits.

To really step-up your band marketing, check out this series of videos and ebooks from the New Music Economy. They take you through a simple step by step process to making money from your band so that you can quit your day job.

I also offer a free How To Promote Your Band Ebook on my website, which includes lots of tips and tricks in building up huge friend lists on the social networking sites and also Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

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