Howto add new WordPress post by email

Update(06-25-2014): WordPress post by email is now deprecated, please reefer to the link below.

Alternatives: You can achieve the same goal using WordPress Official plugin JetPack

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WordPress have a feature to add new post by email. That is the email body will become your post content. You can get that option on admin/setting/writing. Give the details of your secret mail.

Now the big Q?

  • why it’s not working?
  • Where is all the mail I sent?
  • I can see it in that secret mail in-box but why it’s not showing in the blog?
  • Did I put all the info correctly?
  • Yes I did. Then why my email posting not showing up?

To make the mail show on the post, u have to run a file. That is you have to go to a url for me that is http://localhost/blog/wp-mail.php for you it will be whatever)/(only if wp is not on home then the directory name)/wp-mail.php. You have to run this every time u want to make an email post to show up on your blog.

There are some high skilled automated option as well. Be careful to do those thins. click here for the resource.