Twenty Fifteen Child Theme

A brand new theme Twenty Fifteen is out with WordPress 4.1 And found it’s a bit difficult to navigate when u are using a long (height) page. So I added “Back to top” button for easy navigation, on my Twentyfifteen child theme.

I also replaced the default Google font, so any one who don’t like the default font (like me :)) can just replace the mane in the code and use your own choice.

The Twenty fifteen child theme I develop is free for all and you can make any changes you want.

As always please use my download page to get it.

2 thoughts on “Twenty Fifteen Child Theme”

  1. Dear Reza bhai,

    Hope you are fine. Thanks a lot for your child theme. I was searching for the back to top option for the twenty fifteen, and your theme becomes handy for this. So, thanks again.

    Can you please help me further? By default, Twentyfifteen shows any link in the content as underlined text. I want to remove the underline as well as change the color of the link (such that, a placement of the cursor on the link will change the link color from blue to red). I am not sure which part of the style.css shall I need to change.

    Also I want to change the color of the social icons in the Social Menu to their respetive brand colors, such as facebook will have a blue icon, twitter will have a light blue icon, google+ will have a red icon and so on.

    1. Hello,
      You can easily do remove the underline by adding a tag style in the child style.css. you can do the same for changing color of social icon as they are font based icon. For example to change the google+ icon color add this css to child-theme style
      .social-navigation a[href*=""]:before{color:yor-desired-color}

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