Twenty Fifteen Child Theme

A brand new theme Twenty Fifteen is out with WordPress 4.1 And found it’s a bit difficult to navigate when u are using a long (height) page. So I added “Back to top” button for easy navigation, on my Twentyfifteen child theme.

I also replaced the default Google font, so any one who don’t like the default font (like me :)) can just replace Continue reading

WordPress on Google App Engine

Install WordPress On Google App Engine root(parent) directory

The Important part ( app.yaml ) First.

application: your-project-id version: A1-B2C-WHATEVER-test(NO dots) runtime: php api_version: 1 handlers: - url: /(.*\.(htm|html|css|js))$ static_files: \1 upload: .*\.(htm|html|css|js)$ application_readable: true - url: /wp-content/(.*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif))$ static_files: wp-content/\1 upload: wp-content/.*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif)$ application_readable: true - url: /(.*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif))$ static_files: \1 upload: .*\.(ico|jpg|png|gif)$ - url: /wp-admin/(.+) script: wp-admin/\1 secure: always - url: /wp-admin/ script: wp-admin/index.php secure: always - url: /wp-login.php Continue reading 	

How to Add Header and Icon Image to WordPress Plugins

Add Icon Image to Plugins

With upcoming changes on WordPress 4.0, the Plugins Directory’s page is changing after a long pause. The same happening on wp-admin Plugin page too. The new look with have a Plugin Icon With title, descriptions and other info of the Plugin.

This new changes will not put any effect with the earlier Plugin header image. The Plugin header image will be there Continue reading

WordPress Plugin, Indeed WordPress Widget – Jobroll

Indeed WordPress Widget

A few month back I have worked on WordPress site related to jobs search and posting. The site was using IndeedPress. During that time I came to know about Indeed Publication, so I just put a “cut paste” widget to my site too using simple WordPress core text widget. Was working good. But after sometime I thought of making some Continue reading

WordPress Child Theme For Durus Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Recently I have worked on this new Durus Multipurpose WordPress Theme It’s a nice theme with many feature like Drag & Drop Builder, Parallax Background, Video Background and without any doubt    it’s responsive. So other then breaking I Plan to create a WordPress Child Theme for Durus.

But while playing with it, I found only few handful resource to develop a Child Theme of it. I was Continue reading