SEO for Google, May Rest In Peace

SEO for Google May Rest in Peace. Google may no longer be the answer to your SEO traffic-related prayers, as it’s algorithms move away from rewarding SEO principles and toward featuring sites with the best content. Let’s find out more details.
What are you expect when you search for something on Google?
Are you looking for a site that deployed every SEO tip and trick to game Continue reading

Am I Under Attack?

08/16/2014 12:16:04 PM

Just now came out another attack. I don’t know what I did bad to my bothers. I will Just say.. Brother I’m a very poor guy, can’t afford to give time on repair.

I’m saying sorry IF I DID ANYTHING wrong to you. Please don’t put mysite under attack again. You almost got me ?!

Lesson Learned:

Never Ever Use “admin” username for Admin. Although I Continue reading

Natural Ways to Detox Our Body

Our body is exposed to many toxins, especially in the modern lifestyle now and toxins are a good stuff that keeps our bodies. These chemicals and toxins can lead to various health issues. Detox or detox, is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. Though our bodies are designed to perform the detoxification,  it may fail to perform it’s work during the year. It is important to Continue reading